Mostrando entradas de marzo, 2014

Lost & found: the comfort zone

It seems strange how my last blog post already is five weeks ago. I had been in Murcia for only two weeks then, and had experienced so much already! Now, it feels like I´ve been in Spain for a lot longer than just a couple of weeks, and there is a lot to write about! Since losing my comfort zone somewhere on Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, I´ve not missed it a single bit. I face new things with the least possible expectations and an open mind, and so far, it´s working out good!
To start with Carnival, for example. In The Netherlands, I normally let the festivities, typical music and costumes pass by without any participation, and I never felt like I missed out on anything. But this time, things were going to be different.

Life in Murcia. New Season, New Episode

On the 19-th of February in the morning after a very long trip I finally arrived at the airport of Alicante or so called aeroport d’Alacant en Valenciano with sky-high mood and “Limbo” in my headphones. Although my trip was rather tiring I was a way too excited and full of enthusiasm, so once I stepped out of the plane, I went running to grab my luggage from the recogida de equpaje (baggage claim) and get out to the sunny city. At the exit I was warmly met by Sonia and Antonia, who were patiently waiting for my arrival, holding a big paper with my name on it.
Y, ahora, ¡Bienvenido a España! Land of contrasts, wine and olive, orange trees, corrida de toros, Spanish music and bailes de Flamenco,  Meditarrenean beaches, picturesque places and a lot more to add to the list, but now we are in Murcia, south-east of Spain, a university town with a great number of students.
My new life was awaiting me in Murcia, the city Antonia drove me to from Alicante airport. The first impressions were all …