Mostrando entradas de febrero, 2014

First weeks in Murcia!

It has been two weeks since I have started my EVS experience in Murcia at the organization Atentión a la Diversidad y Voluntariado (ADYV). This organization is part of the University of Murcia, and exists of two different parts. One of them is a center for voluntary work, that I have not yet experienced much from. In a while, I will be volunteering in one of the projects associated myself, and I am already very excited about that! The other part of ADYV functions as a centre that supports students with disability with their education. They can, for example, provide for electronic devices or software to make visual impaired students able to use the online university facilities. They also play a very important role in mediation between students and their professors. At the moment, the office for disability is where I spend most of my working time!
When I arrived at the airport I was happy to see two of my colleagues standing at the gate with a big ¨Welcome to Murcia Iris!¨ sign. They fir…